Decade-Long Research Project Discovers the SINGLE Most Important Number in Your Dental Practice 

Forever Improving This Number Will Fix New Patient Issues, 
Fix Recall Issues, Fix Profitability Issues...and More!



When you’ve spent a decade studying the inner workings of successful dental practices all across the country, certain discoveries make themselves known that are too hidden for any one practice to see.

The identification of the “Dentist’s Magic Number” is one of these discoveries. Should you accept the invitation I offer below, you will soon be told all of the details about this number and its potential impact on the success of your practice.

Until then, I want to make sure to highlight what this “magic number” is not.

  • It’s not your number of new patients…
  • It’s not your hygiene re-appointment percentage…
  • It’s not the number of referrals you get by sending out postcards or other materials to existing patients…
  • It’s not the success percentage of your recall program…

It’s none of these numbers.

When Everything’s Important, Nothing is Important

Many dentists get caught up in chasing the number of the month. Some number comes onto their radar as an “issue” in the practice and they go to work finding a solution.

One month it might be new patients…the next month it might be recall. It’s easy to spend years just chasing one metric after another without any huge leaps forward in your practice. That’s a lot of work and expense and time without a corresponding amount of progress and result. It doesn’t help that there’s a long list of gurus and consultants cheering on the importance of just about every metric in your practice. A dentist could go crazy (and broke!) trying to listen to everyone.

If you take a step back, however,  you quickly see that every single number in your practice is someone. But if everything is important, then nothing is important. So how is a smart dentist supposed to prioritize effort and resources so that the most powerful leverage points in the practice receive the majority of the focus?

This is where the power of the “Dentist’s Magic Number” comes into play. When focus is placed on making sure this number falls within the acceptable range for success, a lot of other numbers fall into line:

  • Your new patient number will improve…
  • Your recall numbers will improve
  • Your reactivations will improve
  • Your profit will improve…


Debunking the New Patient Practice Salvation Myth


I want to be extremely clear that the “Dentist’s Magic Number” is NOT the number of new patients coming through your front door this month. Getting new patients is a shiny and sexy idea, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, many dentists have been trained to believe that new patients will fix everything. Just get enough new patients and you’ll be all set!

When all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. This is the trap dentists fall into by thinking that “getting new patients” is a cure-all.

Not only is this not true, it’s extremely dangerous to make decisions based on the belief that this myth is true. It’s quite possible to sink the profitability of your practice while drowning in a “flood” of new patients.


Why Doesn’t Everyone Already Know About This Number?


You would think with this being such an important number, that every dentist would know about its importance already. But that’s not the case.

We have been able to see, on a macro scale, the ripple effect that improvements in this number have on a practice. Most dentists don’t have the time or access to the technology required to make analysis at this level easy and practical.

But we do. And what we see is astonishing.

Understanding the Dentist’s Magic Number will help you narrow your focus down from thinking you have to pay attention to “everything” to KNOWING you only have to pay attention to certain things...that affect everything.


The Dentist’s “Magic Number:” Uncovering the Single, Measurable, Leverage Point That Can Literally Solve Every Problem in Your Practice


The summary of findings from our “research” project is now available to the entire dental community for review. We are making this available in an effort to help dentists SEE the path forward to higher profitability and greater success with less effort.

Inside this report, we will reveal the exact identity of the “Dentist’s Magic Number” and show you how to use that number to fix virtually every other problem area in your practice.

We have created a simple, systematized, approach to improving this number until it falls within the range our data shows is required for optimal success.

Copies of the report, which can be reviewed and understood in 30 minutes or less,  are available for immediate download for $199.

Our goal is not to overwhelm you with a volume of information but to clearly and directly communicate only what is necessary to give you actionable intelligence about how to propel the growth and success of your practice.

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Should you find the report to not be everything we’ve said it is, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund.


What Type of “Magic” is Possible with This Number?


Can you imagine your new patient numbers dramatically increasing without any advertising campaigns, postcards or mailings to patients or other patient getting activities?

That’s what this number is capable of producing, provided you install and execute the system consistently.

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